Always Verify For Yourself

Life is full of a lot of complexities. There may be times where you are not sure about something – you have something wrong with your body, you are not sure what to think about someone else, you wonder what the right foods to eat are, you wonder who is telling the truth in an election or otherwise.

I know how this is – life is pretty darn complex. Whenever you are faced with a complex situation, know that no one person has all the answers. The best way to understand something is to hear both sides of an argument and then to make a conscious decision for yourself.

When talking to people, if you feel something is just a little “off” then chances are that something is. It’s better to be a cautious verify-er and ask questions before anything else. Being safe rather than sorry is better, even if you are wrong. As I have two young daughters, this is very important to me.

  • Verify exercise for yourself. Listen to multiple people talk about it, not just one.
  • Verify your political beliefs for yourself – listen to all parties and then make your own choice.
  • Verify your spiritual beliefs for yourself – listen to others share their beliefs and then make an informed decision.

The point of always verifying is to be consciously engaged in your life and to never be taken advantage of. As a life wizard, being a continuous student of life will help you grow, learn, and better make decisions.

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