How Cool Is “Open” by Andre Agassi

Open, a book written by Andre Agassi is a great read – the reason for this is you gain insight into his personal life that you can’t get anywhere else. Anytime a book offers you this kind of insight, it’s worth getting if the subject matter interests you.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • What Andre Agassi really thinks of tennis.
  • How young Andre Agassi was when he got started playing tennis.
  • A certain substance (think Breaking Bad) that Andre Agassi experimented with.
  • How Andre Agassi dealt with his losses.
  • Who some of Andre Agassi’s biggest nemesis’ were.
  • And much more personal insight, struggle, and triumph.

I can’t say enough good about this book. It was a great read. You can get it here on

Open by Andre Agassi

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Open, by Andre Agassi

2 thoughts on “How Cool Is “Open” by Andre Agassi

  1. I’ve got two signed copies left, and gave three signed copies away to my dad and a couple clients! It is AWESOME! So motivating, so insightful, especially as a tennis player.

    I’m thinking of ponying up cash to go see him and Stefi in Vegas for a tennis event with buddies. Will blog about it for sure!

    1. Sam, it was such a good read and so many personal life goodies and really deep insight into the feeling behind his tennis matches and the prep work he went through for them. I absolutely loved it. I’d love to meet him some day and I’m finding myself watching tennis now. It’s great to see two pros play and the types of rallies they have.

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