Be Detached To Be At Peace

There’s a philosophy of life that deals with being detached from outcomes. I’ll call it, “the detached philosophy.” This is a powerful way to live your life. To demonstrate this, I’m going to share a situation from a woman who contacted me and was having a difficult situation with her boyfriend.

She told me that she was having an on again, off again relationship with her boyfriend and that they were on right now. She was afraid to lose him. She also mentioned that this guy has a temper. But she feels like this is the man she is meant for.

I asked her about the other areas of her life and she said that she’s doing well in her schooling and career, but for the last little while has let her body go a little bit. What’s interesting about this is that it coincides with the on again part with this guy.

I asked her to think about what she wants and if this situation is truly making her happy. I told her to guard her thoughts and only think of positive outcomes. Our minds truly will gravitate toward what we think. We talked for a little while longer and then we finished the conversation with her agreeing to go work on herself so that she wasn’t so dependent on the outcome with this guy.

I understand women our emotional creatures – driven by feelings. It takes a special person to recognize what they are doing and to take action to make them self better, in order to not be dependent on another person or situation for their own happiness. I’m confident this woman will make some changes in her life – starting with watching my videos and reading my work, that will help her be detached and be a life wizard who never gets rattled again by a situation.

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One thought on “Be Detached To Be At Peace

  1. This was great Jeremy! This sounds a lot like me! I noticed that when my girlfriend and broke up just recently I wasn’t very happy. I allowed myself to be attached. When we split i start to get into reading some books on codependency. It was very helpful and I learned that I have issues that had to be worked out. I now am learning how to love everything about myself and be content with every situation that comes up. I would likeep to use you as my coach for things like making myself detachable when I see myself getting to attached with so eone. Not allowing myself to loose myself in a relationship. Have a great day! And thanks for sharing your video.

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