Don’t Let Anything Stop You

Don’t let anything stop you. Right now, I’m fighting a bugger of a cold. My voice is a mess and I’m staying home from work so as not to infect anyone. But I can still sit, type, and do videos. It is because of this that I am doing this article right now. It’s the mystery of timing and me being sick that has caused me to choose this article. Perhaps it’s something you need to hear right now.

You might be trying to start a business. There’s a quote that applies to you (and me) and it goes like this:

It takes two things to make a business – the desire for it and the work. The desire is the easy part :)

If you’re not feeling well, don’t let that stop you. If you don’t think you have enough money, do what you can with the money you have. If you don’t know enough people, go out and start talking to people. This is how any great undertaking starts – it starts with the person who is the visionary and mastermind behind it.

I just went out and checked the houses for the food drive I handed out flyers for a couple weeks ago with my kids. We were able to put out about 15 flyers before it became too cold for them to stay outside. As I went by each house, I found that nobody had put food out. That’s called 0 for 15. There’s a couple ways I can look at this result:

  • Get discouraged – nobody put food out, the food drive was a failure.
  • See the situation as it is – maybe it was too long a window, perhaps some didn’t look at the flyer, and perhaps it was simply someone else doing a food drive prior.
  • Vow to do better next time – get at least one house that puts out cans. Hand out the flyers in person with a friendly smile, make the food drive only a week after the flyers, etc…

The point here is that me and my girls made an attempt – even if we failed at it completely. That’s not going to stop me from trying service projects again. The key is for me to learn from this result and try better next time. I can already see ways to make an improvement.

Lastly, I worked out with my personal trainer today, groggy voice and all. A simple cold is not going to stop me from getting out there and working out and from doing these articles and videos. Simply put, nothing is going to stop me. I don’t care if it is the Thanksgiving holiday or not. I’m on a mission.


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