Everything Happens For a Reason

Take a moment and contemplate and recall the last year of your life. Look at everything that has happened. This is like taking an old VHS tape and putting it in a VCR and pressing rewind. The tape rewinds itself back and you can then play the video from where you re-winded. This helps you observe the events of your past.

One of the ways you can detach yourself from outcomes is to adopt the belief that everything happens for a reason. Because of the person you are in your life right now and how you think about yourself and the world around you, events are unfolding right before your eyes – all because of that!

The way to think about this is to view yourself as a magnet. Who you are as a person will either attract or repel certain kinds of people. Your happy (or unhappy) demeanor will bring certain people into your life and will also affect your influence and connectivity at your work place. Happiness is just one example – there’s quite a few qualities, good and bad, that if you exude, you will attract situations due to them.

The power in this is you can then begin controlling what happens to you in your life. Of course, nobody has complete control over what happens to them, but you can begin the work on yourself to start to have things happen in your favor. Life is simply actions and reactions from people based on the kind of person you are.

Everything happens for a reason. Each event that occurs happens exactly as it is supposed to be and in exactly the right time it is meant to. Be at peace that there is harmony through the chaos that is life. Be self aware that everything that happens to you and for you is because of the person you are right now and what you attract into your life.

As a fellow life wizard, take great care to allow life to flow through you in a way that you want. Remember, you create who you are through every action, word, and deed in your life. Your mind will form based on that. And then, the events that happen in your life will happen because of who you are. And not every event. Sometimes shit really does just happen – but your response to it, that is based on who you are.

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