How To Feel Happy Again

In this video, I talk about how to feel happy again. Because sometimes in life, you’ll just feel miserable and you may not know why. And other times, it will be because of a traumatic event. Life is a journey and experience, not magically being happy because you accomplished some great thing or arrived where you want to go. Here’s a few very specific scenarios for you that I’ll talk about that will help you feel happy again and be well on your way to kicking ass in life again.

How to feel happy again with depression

Depression is one of the most debilitating states to be in. I know because I get depressed from time to time where I just feel really tired and like I’m not getting anywhere. Isn’t that what you feel like? You just feel like there’s no hope and wonder what the point is of anything? The key thing here is to recognize when you are depressed and to just honor the feeling you are having. Don’t try and fight it, just recognize it and say without detachment to any outcome, “Isn’t that interesting?”

Then make use of good music, friends, going for a walk outside, writing, exercising, eating something healthy, or watching a stimulating video. The cure for depression is action. You must act and do something creative or stimulating while you are depressed. As you do this, you’re body will have to focus its attention on the new thing you are doing and it won’t have time to be depressed. Depression is like a fire. It can start without warning, but you choose to give it fuel or not.

How to make yourself happy again

If you’ve been happy at one point in your life, but you don’t feel that way now, think about what made you happy before – what were you doing and who were you around. These are key clues to what drives you in your life and where you gain energy from.

If you had friends in the past who were good and wholesome and that helped you be happy, but now you’re hanging out with friends who are a bit more on the wild side and aren’t happy, that’s a clue for you. Being happy in the past is great because it gives you a reference point of what makes you happy.

For me, playing basketball, writing, listening to good music, exercising, eating healthy – these are all things that help me be happy, so if I ever feel crappy, I just know I need to get back to doing those things to be happier.

How to feel happy again after a break up

A break-up is a difficult situation. Break-ups can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are amicable, sometimes they are not. Whatever the case is for you, just take in and accept that the break-up happened. Accept that a relationship with someone that you once had is gone. Don’t try and fight it. Don’t try and get the person back. Just accept the situation as it is.

Then think about yourself and the great things ahead for you in your life. Typically, when a break-up happens, it’s because one person is being too needy for the other and they get smothered, or there was some significant event, like a dishonest act or abuse. Regardless, a break-up is life’s way of telling you to get your own house in order. This means rediscover your passion in life and start doing things for you – and you alone.

How to feel happy again after divorce

A divorce is a break-up on steroids. Chances are, if you get divorced, you and your partner may have had kids together or had a very long relationship. Ending these kinds of marriage relationships is hard, whether amicable or not.

Understand that with a divorce, you’ve just finished a phase of your life. This is a phase of your life and it’s now in the past. Think of the good memories and what you learned while you were married. Then start to plan what you are going to do for yourself and often, this will mean getting your body in good shape and rediscovering some of your passions and hobbies.

Don’t feel bad for having a tough time after a divorce. I know, I have had one and you just need time and space to get through that period and move on to the next great phase of your life.

How to feel happy all the time

Being happy all the time takes a bit of practice. At this stage of my life, every day is like Christmas. Even though I don’t have a lot right now and I live in a simple apartment, I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to write, do videos, have a good job, and have the freedom to do those things I feel like doing.

To feel happy all the time is to decide that’s how you are going to be. Yes, it’s a decision. If someone asks me how I’m doing, I say, “I’m doing outstanding, how else could I be?” Because I am truly happy and have integrated a happy philosophy into who I am, I don’t get rattled any more and I love life and each new day. But it takes practice and adopting this philosophy for many days in a row before it becomes natural.

How to feel better when you are sad

Being sad is a part of life. Whether it’s a funeral, a touching movie, or the ending of a phase of your life with someone, sometimes, life is just really sad. The best thing you can do is to allow the sadness to flow through you. Just let it flow. Cry as hard as you need to and let your feelings flow through you.

After some time doing this, you’ll find that you have “cried” the sadness out and will be ready to start laughing again. So if you want to feel better when you are sad, just cry it all out, find someone to talk to who knows you well and can be there for you, and then recognize when the crying is over and go back to laughing and enjoying your life.

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