Handle Your Mistakes Like a Boss

How to handle your mistakes like a boss. A boss is someone who is cool and calm under pressure and always knows things are going to be good and fine in the end without any worry. Even if he has an off day, he knows he will come back stronger tomorrow.

There was a few situations today where I wasn’t in top form.

First was talking to a woman in our cafeteria at work. I love to talk to and meet new people and so I just started talking to her and I thought she looked sort of familiar. There was a bunch of kids touring the place of business and I thought she was just a teacher helping. It turns out I’d talked to her several months before, but her hair was much longer and I didn’t recognize her. I felt a little embarrassed, but I laughed at myself and then she said, “Nice to run into you,” and we stopped the conversation.

Another was playing basketball today. It has been a couple weeks since I strained my right calf muscle and I tried to play. I made it through one game, but the running and jumping hurt it again and I just laid down and tried to massage it. So I’m walking with a bit of a limp again. I’ve iced the thing to death and I’m going to hit the Yoga really hard as I’m getting older and I”m not immune to physical things happening. My mistake was rushing back to soon to play.

Thirdly, I took a wrong turn coming home which added time to my journey. My brain just wasn’t firing on all cylinders tonight and such was the way of things. Sometimes, you’re just not on your game.

The best way to handle mistakes like a boss is to just laugh at yourself and do better next time. Don’t fret the mistakes, rejections, and screw ups. Just laugh at it, learn, and do better tomorrow. That’s really it.

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