Help, I Can’t Stop Crying

Someone asks the question about how they can’t stop crying. It’s a very basic question and goes like this:

I can’t stop crying and I’m not sure what is going on with my emotions. Even little things on TV make me tear up. I’m just having a really difficult time not crying. Is there anything you can do to help?

Let me outline some things here for you. I want to talk in terms of your emotions here because crying is a very important emotion and believe it or not, crying is helping you gauge your situation in life.

Your Emotions Guide You

Your emotions can be one of your biggest teachers if you let them in and are willing to feel and embrace them. Think of your emotions as your very own internal guidance system. They tell you what is important to you. They let you know how sensitive a person you are. They let you know what really gets under your skin, what you enjoy, and what makes you really sad.

This is a very good thing. Think of it like this. Would you like to fly in an airplane without any guidance systems telling you where the plane is? Your body’s¬†emotions give you a gauge for life that helps you know what life means to you.¬†This will help give you purpose and meaning.

If you are crying a lot, chances are, you are feeling very affected by something in your life. Crying often happens when you have a break-up in your relationship, someone says something mean to you, you lose someone close to death, or have any experience where you feel a sense of loss or unfairness.

Your Emotions Are Clues

You crying is a clue to something affecting you right now. You don’t need to dismiss this emotion. In fact, I would embrace the tears. This is something I’ve done this year. When I feel like crying, I don’t let that tension build up in my body. I go find a quiet place and I let the tears flow like a waterfall. It’s OK to do and it releases the tension in your body. Don’t fight it.

I don’t know if you are crying due to an event in your life or just crying in general. Either way, pay attention to what you are feeling. Are you feeling lonely, isolated, or that life is unfair? Ask yourself questions to get a gauge for how you feel in your life. When you do this, you just might be able to pin-point the source of your tears. This gets easy if you’ve just gone through an experience like a break-up.

Watch small children and how they deal with crying. If they feel the need to cry, they’ll bust out and cry right then and there until they feel like they’ve gotten the tears out of their system. Small children are a great example of just releasing your emotion.

Go ahead and let the tears flow. It’s OK if you can’t stop crying. Release this emotion as often as you need to. It will eventually start to lessen and be less frequent. That is what has happened in my own life situation that I’ve found very difficult to handle. Read The Pain and Growth of Tears. I really let out my emotions in that article and it felt good to do it. Let the tears flow!

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