Integrate the Things You Learn From Others

I’ve had a couple conversations with people over this past week that have helped me learn more about myself. One of them was from a mentor, and another was from a counterpart. If you recall, I did a video about the 3 types of people to have in your life, and this has definitely proved valuable for me this week.

One was from someone at work who I look up to. I had a conversation with them at lunch about my long term goals at work and they helped me did deep in myself and see why I want to progress at work and be a leader/CTO. This person was a mentor to me.

Another person was a gal I was talking to yesterday and I was sharing things about myself, that I am single, and she had a dialog with me about what I want now that I am in that stage of my life. This person was more of a counterpart – someone I can pitch and catch with where we can learn from each other. This person helped me see what I really do want while I’m single – and that is to meet people and if I find a spark of chemistry and connection, that I should continue to explore that, but that I’m not looking for anything serious at this time.

There’s been other things I’ve learned from people, of course, but this week had two very key things that were very self diagnostic in nature. Had I not taken the time to talk to these people, I would not have recognized these questions that help me do a retrospective with myself.

Think about the people in your life. Welcome the new people that come in and offer new perspectives, ideas, and questions about the way you look at yourself. You’ll be able to integrate these new ideas and perspectives into your life and ask new questions you probably weren’t able to think of. This is such a good thing for one on the path of growth.

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