Keep Things Simple

In life, the more you can be clear, concise, and simple, the better chance someone will understand you and what you are trying to say. As a writer, this hasn’t always been something I’ve adhered to in the past. Indeed, I’ve overloaded with words and description that will glaze any eyes over. As you can see, my articles are much shorter now and I do videos to supplement them. I like it that way.

I’d consider myself a very simple person at this point in my life. I don’t look to make things complicated. I respond very directly, playfully when the situation calls for it, and try to be a very loving and forgiving person who laughs a lot. To me, that’s simplicity. I know in the past, not doing that has gotten me in a bit of trouble as I conjured up situations and scenarios in my head that to this day, I wonder how I was able to do it.

The point is, being simple will simplify your life – at work, in your relationships with people. Be direct and clear in your responses. Don’t beat around the bush, but instead, share exactly what you mean to say. You’ll be respected for your ability to be candid and to the point. I also believe in being playful, using banter, and being really fun, but only if it is clear that is what is wanted. This simple behavior of being fun is a great way to put people at ease. Do it when you can tell there is some desire for someone to talk or interact with you.

As a leader – a life wizard, learn to simplify the complex things in life. Use an analogy to explain that which is complex. We as humans will better understand that which we can reference in our mind with images and pictures. Using common objects or adjectives to explain complex problems helps to integrate that knowledge into our minds. If you have to ask the question, just remember, keep things simple.

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