Your Life, Business, and Rome Weren’t Built in a Day

Your life, business, and the great Roman empire weren’t built in a day. This means that it will take repetition and doing something over and over to truly make some noticeable progress in it.

I’m doing videos right and posting them on YouTube. It’s great. But I’ve only done about 10 coaching videos so far and the highest one has about 25 views, half of which are mine. I could get discouraged and give up, but I KNOW that things take time. It may take a few hundred videos before I get really good and start to get some traction.

This has been true of any good thing in my life that I’ve done. When I did P90X and supercharged my body, it took a good 3 months of solid working out and eating healthy. When I learned to do web development, it took months and months on the computer playing around.

Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in your life, do it every day and make it a part of you. Become a master. This has worked for me for my body, my skills, and I believe my business that I have begun now – to be a coach of other people and train them to be life wizards.

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