When You Are Optimistic You See Options

Optimism focuses on solutions and good things

Pessimism focuses on problems and what cannot be

Optimism finds a way

Pessimism destroys a way

At work, optimism is the only way to be a leader and driver of change

If you want results in your life, you must create a spirit of optimism in yourself

Use this dialog:

I am optimistic. I focus on the good things in life while recognizing the bad. I am a problem solver. Any problem is simply another challenge to find the solution for and overcome. Each time I solve a problem, I get stronger, smarter, and better as a person. I love solving problems. People look to me as a leader and problem solver. My guidance is valuable wherever I go.

I love the good things in life. The world is a place of abundance and prosperity. I attract those into my life who are also optimistic and problem solvers. I am a force for good. I will use my talents and abilities for good things in this world. I will always focus on what can be and always strive to do and become more than I was before.

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