Your Pain Tempers You Like Steel

I was watching an episode of the show, “Arrow.” It was great because there was a scene in it where the daughter of Malcolm Merlin (Malcolm is a magician and crafty character who has great fighting skills), Thea, was learning about pain. To do this, Malcolm showed pain by putting¬†his hand under hot, scalding water. He didn’t flinch.

As he tried to teach his Thea¬†to fight, she wasn’t learning very well. So he had to teach her through the same method he faced – to put his hand under scalding water and feel the pain. As he forced her to do this, eventually she was able to handle it and this was demonstrated as she was in the airport and someone accidentally spilled their hot coffee on her hand and she didn’t flinch.

The pain in life has a way of tempering you like hardened steel if you will take the lessons of the pain and use them to strengthen you rather than weaken you. I believe the pain I experienced this year was self induced – meaning I did the things this year to intentionally cause me pain because I deep down knew that the pain was needed for me to become the next great version of myself and to be able to accomplish what I am meant to do in life – to lead and inspire people from a place of pure strength.

I can’t describe the feeling I have right now. I feel like a strong, steel sword able to cut through anything before me, yet knowing I must be humble and respect the gift I’ve been given this year through two intense pains.

Look at your life – your pain, loneliness, health difficulty, financial stress, whatever it may be – these are all there to temper you and if you will let them, they will drive you to become the next great version of yourself.

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