The Peace, Calm, and Happiness

I can’t describe the peace, calm, and happiness I felt tonight – home, alone, with just the fireplace and the log and stuff on fire in it. I sat, listened to music, and was content. Ever since October of this year, I’ve felt peace and strength as a man, a zest for life, laughter, and curiosity that pushes me to explore more and more each and every day. I feel compelled to go out and talk to people. Tomorrow, I’m taking a trip to Salt Lake to one of the big malls to just go meet and talk to people. I feel so happy :)

The lesson for you reading this, if you feel like you’re having a hard time with something is to start the work on yourself – get out there, mingle with others, and get yourself busy creating and being a force to be reckoned with in your life. Doing that gave me the strength to trail blaze on my own even though that requires quite a bit of financial responsibility each month and I’m still very much a father to my two girls.

That is life – it’s the beauty of deciding to be happy, at peace, and centered and doing the necessary work to get there. Each person I garner up the courage to talk to gives me that much more strength – even if that person rejects talking to me. I wish every human could experience what I’m feeling right now.

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