The POA Technique

You, as a human, learn by using your brain to observe what happens around you. Based on these observations and your feelings, you start to form your own belief systems. Sometimes, as you get older, you evolve beyond these as you start to realize things for yourself.

In your life, it’s important to always pay attention to what your body is telling you to do. This can range from a number of things to approaching people to talk to, doing brave and courageous things, going on a trip, working on a project, getting your body in shape. These depend on the person.

For me, my body is very strongly telling me right now to be courageous and go out and talk to people and meet them and grow my courage muscle big time. When there are opportunities in front of me and I don’t do this, I feel like I’ve done damage to myself and delayed my progress. It’s a horrible feeling.

Enter the POA technique. This is simply the process of predict, observe, adapt. That’s it. Whatever it is you know you need to do, use this technique as you make your attempts. Even if you’re deathly afraid, you can still make the attempt and use the POA technique to improve yourself.

Predict by deciding what you think will happen, then take the action and observe the results. Finally, adapt your approach and technique based on what happened. Your brain is an amazing thing. As you do this over and over, despite your fears, you will adapt and learn and become more skilled in that which you want to do.

The things you want are just like simple science. Go for it. And let the marvel that is your brain help you through each and every attempt as you improve and get better.

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