Why You Should Do Public Speaking

Public speaking is a very powerful mechanism to reach people – whether it’s at work, your church, or through other volunteer opportunities. It’s a rush to speak in front of a group of people – I get nervous and feel the anticipation.

But every time I do it, I feel good, like I’ve grown in courage and have accomplished something. You should consider it because if you are reading this article or watching this video, you have some desire for personal growth.

As you get better at public speaking, you get better at sharing your message with other people and having an impact on them. If you are someone who wants to impact others or have a positive impact on people, a powerful way to do that is public speaking.

I’m thankful I have opportunities at my day job to do public speaking. Whatever message I share has a chance to impact a lot of people. I feel strengthened by doing it – every time.

Any time I conquer a fear, whatever it is, I feel strengthened by the attempt at it. It’s not the result that matters, just the attempt. The attempt is what makes the person out of you. The rest (the result) is simply life unfolding and be detached from that outcome.

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