Push Past Your Laziness and Comfort

Push past your laziness and comfort. I was at the gym today with my personal trainer. And today was back day. One of the things I like about him is that he pushes me beyond what I might otherwise do by myself. He gets me to lift weights until my muscles fail. He also watches my form to make sure I am lifting properly so as not to hurt myself – especially my lower back.

We had a conversation after I got done with my training session today. I had asked him if you gain more muscle by working your muscles until failure instead of just lifting many times and feeling just “the burn” but not your muscles failing. He said you gain more and faster by working your muscles until you fail. It was a great lesson for life he said, and I agreed.

Which brings me to the point for you. It seems that in society, there is a tendency to drift toward what is most easily entertaining and comfortable. It’s so easy to be lazy in the world and just curl up behind an iPad and watch movies all day. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it does make it with a society geared toward instant entertainment and gratification to want to be comfortable and lazy.

This is fine if you can accept that you will miss out on things in life and potentially be disrupted in your career and ability to earn for yourself. Like lifting weights until your muscles fail, pushing past your own laziness and comfort. My trainer talked about how on his leg days, sometimes half-way through he’s tired and doesn’t feel good and just wants to stop. But he has his goal of workouts to do and he’s not going to stop until they are done. He’s now built up mental toughness and is very consistent in working out.

I’ve found that for me, even doing this article and video tonight, my body told me it didn’t want to. I’d rather just go lay down and watch YouTube videos of LAHWF. But by making the choice to do this instead, I’ve create mental toughness and strengthened my entrepreneurial and consistency muscle, and I’m thankful for that.

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