Be the Rock Solid Mountain

For you guys out there, be the rock solid mountain in your life. These are the attributes of a mountain:

  • It’s huge.
  • It can withstand massive amounts of punishment.
  • It does not move.
  • It is open to those who want to come to it and it will then be there for them.
  • It is an inspiring sight to see.

A man who is like a mountain can withstand whatever comes his way for it all simply glances off and the mountain stands firmly rooted to the ground. For you women reading this, test the men in your life – see if they are like the mountain. Few are. But the one’s that are, are rock solid, driven, focused, and unwavering in their mission, vision, and passion. The mountain moves for no one.

Are you like the mountain? Are you easily swayed? The opposite of the mountain is rattled, shaken, uncertain, and searching for answers. I know you’ve probably experienced that before as a man. But the answers are actually simple and not cosmically complex. The opposite of the mountain is soft ground – it’s weak, needy, and insecure. The mountain is strong, centered with self, and secure alone. The gift, which I’m thankful for, is┬ábeing molded into a mountain. Every guy should be so lucky.


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