Sometimes It’s Rock Bottom That Changes You

Pain is knowing what needs to be done to change things, but not taking the action to do it.

Sometimes it is rock bottom that changes you as a person. Sometimes you have to go through your most dark experiences in order to make the life changes you know you need to make. I understand this pretty well as I went through this earlier in the year.

You’ll know rock bottom when you feel in your darkest hell that you’ve ever felt. You’ll cry, scream, be angry, and frustrated with yourself and everything that has happened to you. This is actually a good thing. It’s the universe’s way of telling you a change is needed. Our bodies know intuitively what we want – and I believe our own cells pull us toward what we are meant to do and to deny that is to put yourself through pain.

Think about it like this: you know you need to lose a little weight, eat better, etc… But life is going along fine and there seems to be no problems, so why worry about it? Then one day you get the news that some of your arteries are clogged. All of a sudden, making the choice to do it becomes more urgent.

For me, it was realizing that my life was meant to take a dramatic shift this year and it was not an easy thing to go through. There was a lot of crying, screaming, and down right brutal pain inside me. In the end, I knew what I had to do and you see me now on my own doing these videos very much at peace and centered with who I am.

Don’t fear the rock bottom – embrace it. Once you get through it, you’ll have a power to move forward in your life far greater than you’ve ever had.

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