There’s No Excuse Not To Try

A short video message from me

Kyle, crawling up Mt. Kilimanjaro

There’s no excuse not to try. Someone who has much less than you is giving maximum effort with everything they have. Let me share the video of Kyle Maynard, a man born without arms and legs. He just has stumps for those. One of the interesting things he mentions in this video is his wondering if he’d ever have a normal ┬álife – a job, girl-friend, the things that would be normal. What we take for granted, often, he is really concerned about.

He pushes himself to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. As he went through his journey up the mountain, he felt him hitting his breaking point. He thinks back to his attempt at wrestling. He lost his first 35 matches. That’s a lot of matches to lose in a row. By high school, he became a wrestling champion. I think 35 matches is a lot to lose in a row, but that number isn’t really the point. Whether it’s 35 matches or 100 matches, the point is to make the attempt with no excuses.

I’ll interject now that if you make attempts at things – your own business, your career, dating, trying to get yourself in great physical condition, you are going to have moments of failure. You are going to try new ideas and they won’t work. You’re going to try and have a successful project at work and it will fail. You’ll go on a date and get rejected, or not even get the date. You’ll fall off the wagon and eat crap. Failures will happen.

The point of all of this is that you can still try every time. Take each failure and move forward with determination. In the video, Kyle struggles just to keep from sliding on the mountain. Chains are attached to his stumps to help him climb. Day 9 shows the summit of the mountain in reach.

The lesson of his climb, he says, is looking forward and seeing how far he has to go, rather than looking behind him and seeing how far he had gone. It’s something I’m guilty of… I want to do so much in my life and I often neglect to look at the progress I’ve made in my life. Kyle was able to make it to the summit, crawling the whole way. He carried the ashes of a fallen soldier to the summit.

I think this is a big part of life – it’s trying and not giving up. It’s going after the things you want and not quitting if you don’t get them. I’m inspired by the story of Kyle today. It’s what I needed to see for my own life and I hope for you, in your life, it has been inspirational for you.

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