How To Understand a Woman

You might think women are complex, emotional creatures, with 15 thoughts swirling around in their mind all at once. And you would be correct if you think that. However, this doesn’t mean that a woman is impossible to understand. In fact, they are pretty simple when you take the key things that makeup a large part of what they want. My specialty is the gift of study and being a studious observer. This year, and especially in the last couple months, through mistakes and learning, here are my findings. This is helpful for you guys out there who are confused, frustrated, or are wondering what you did wrong. Here it is:

Women Are Like Roses

A woman is like a rose and smells good. They are soft, gentle, and spend a great deal of time making themselves look presentable when the occasion calls for it.

With Thorns

However, a woman also makes use of thorns for two purposes. One, to drive repulsive suitors away, indirectly or directly if the situation is severe, and two, to roughen up, make lively, and intensify the situation when it calls for it.

Women Are Like a Cat

Women come and go as they please. They’ll explore one area, then the next, think about different things, and be invisible for a time.

That Gets Thirsty

But they do get thirsty and will come back to a source where they feel their thirst will be quenched and attention given to them.

Women Are Designed to Receive

A woman is designed to receive strength from a man. It just is. To understand a woman is to know that she is looking for a leader to guide and lead the interaction.

And Not Make the Decisions

A woman does not feel natural having to make the decisions and drive where something is going. She’d much rather have a strong man do that.

Women Need Time to Bake Like a Cake

A woman who has met you and spent time with you needs time and space to think and wonder about you. She can’t do this if you’re trying to get in touch all the time.

Women are Drawn to Men of Strength and Certainty

A woman is drawn to a man of strength and certainty. This makes her feel safe and comfortable. Because a man like this can never make her feel uncomfortable or afraid.

Not Those Who Need a Therapist

A woman does not want to be your therapist. She wants to speak to you and have you listen and understand her. This makes her feel valued and treasured.

Women Want to Be Heard

A woman wants to speak to you and share her thoughts and ideas. She wants to connect with you on an intellectual and emotional level. Listen to her and respond.

Women Thrive By Feeling Uncertain

A woman likes to feel a little uncertain and wondering where she stands with you. This creates mystery in her mind and women love mystery.

And are Drawn to Indifference

A man who is indifferent toward a woman and shows he’s just fine with or without her creates attraction with that woman. Because she knows she won’t be smothered.

Women Just Want to Have Fun

Women just want to have a good time, laugh, and go where the fun is. If you can be fun and exciting for her, you’ll be on her mind as someone to get in touch with.

It’s Not All Women

As a final note, this doesn’t apply to all women – like anything, there is two sides. There are women out there who have no problem whatsoever making decisions and working through a partnership where she is the source of strength or taking the lead in situations. As always, use your best judgment.

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