When You Feel Like You’re Losing You’re Mind

When you feel like you’re losing your mind, chances are, you’re going through an experience that is more than anything you’ve ever been able to handle in the past. Therefore, you really do kind of lose your mind in order to try and handle and process the situation. Your brain works overtime with its processing to try and make sense of the situation for you.

You may feel like you are losing your mind and having anxiety attacks. I know exactly what this feels like. In March through about May of 2014, I felt like I had a pressure cooker in my body and my heart was going to explode. My mind raced as I tried to make sense of my own situation where there was turmoil. This is a normal thing and the anxiety should lessen over time. To this day, I can get anxiety about the situation that happened, but I choose not to let myself go there.

You may feel like you’re losing your mind through depression. Perhaps you just lay on the floor for hours just starting at the ceiling becoming completely lost in your thoughts. Or you might think about how worthless you feel and that what is the point of life? I know what depression is like – I’ve had suicidal thoughts before in my life. I thought my life was over and that I should just kill myself to save people the agony of knowing me.

Fortunately, I snapped out of that funk. In order for you to do so, you’ve got to change your inner dialog. When I hear someone speak whose mind is like this, they will say things like this:

“I just don’t feel good enough.”

“I’m just so tired and want to sleep all the time.”

“I just don’t know what the point is.”

“I don’t feel like doing anything or seeing anyone.”

These are common statements that are recited by someone losing their mind through depression. Our brains are like computers. We can work on our own internal dialog. If I were to ask you if you liked saying these things, I’d hope you would say no. Take these statements and decide to reword them to be positive and proactive like this:

“I am good enough.”

“I go to bed early and get all the sleep I need.”

“I am working on my mission and purpose in life.”

“I feel like getting out there and meeting new people.”

When you speak in this way to yourself, you will then take action based on what your mind is thinking about. Whenever I feel myself get depressed, I change my internal dialog and programming. Every time I do this, I start to focus on the good things in my life and how awesome life really is.

You may wonder why you are losing your mind. Get excited about losing your mind. It means you are being stretched and growing into someone more capable and powerful than you are now. Enjoy the process of losing your mind. The year 2014 was the year of losing my mind. I’ve learned to enjoy the process now. When you’ve been to hell and back, you start to build up some muscle in how you handle life situations.

Once you lose your mind, think about taking a step back from the situation that has overwhelmed you. Chances are, to use a metaphor, you’ve been drinking from the fire hose and just took on too much. Take a step back in life and just chill out for a few weeks and let everything just set in from what you’ve experienced.

Finally, take a look at your diet and exercise. As cliche as each of these are, start running, go swimming, do push-ups and pull-ups. Get your body in tip-top shape. The feeling of being in phenomenal shape is an extra layer of strength against any kind of mental craziness that may try to overwhelm you.

Embrace the experience. Losing your mind is not a bad thing – it’s a sign of growth and being stretched. Good for you for losing your mind!

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