Be Wise To Gain the Prize

Wisdom is one of the most valuable assets you can gain in your life. As you get older, you’ll gain experience, knowledge, and understanding – if you choose to. This can help you exercise good judgment in situations or help you make a correct decision after you’ve made a mistake or oscillated back and forth from what is right for you.

Here’s some simple statements about how to be wise in order to gain the prize in life:

  • The wise one invests what the foolish one spends.
  • The wise one has finished what the foolish one has just begun.
  • The wise one exercises patience and heart ache while the foolish one leaps at every one.
  • The wise one creates what the foolish one consumes.
  • The wise one carefully plans, the foolish oneĀ could care less.
  • The wise one endures the pain, the foolish one hides it away.
  • The wise one grows and learns, the foolish one only yearns.

In your life, there are situations where you’ll be tested. This is a test of wisdom. You’ll know these tests the moment they happen. The universe has a way of making them blatantly obvious to the astute observer. Should you really get involved with that person, should you take that job, should you say that in anger, should you take that person aside instead of calling them out openly, should you take that new opportunity before you – the list goes on.

You can usually tell a test of wisdom because the decision will be hard. You’ll find that a test of wisdom often means giving up something that you want very badly, but that if you delay the gratification for it, you will increase in strength and find what you were meant for.

Own your tests of wisdom – they are life’s ways of qualifying you for your next level and stage of your life.

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